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Work Program
 Circle made up of 3 arrows with words Reduce, Reuse, RecycleThe Coös County Recycling Center provides a central processing facility for recyclable commodities for 8 area towns (Colebrook, Pittsburg, Clarksville, Stewartstown, Columbia, Canaan Vt., Lemington Vt., and Norton Vt.). 
The center is operated as a rehabilitative inmate work program and is unique in its ability to provide this labor intensive service by utilizing inmate labor. 

The net cost of operating the Recycling Center is funded by the participating towns with Coös County Department of Corrections providing administrative oversight, inmate labor, and supervision by a Community Corrections Corporal and Corrections work supervisors.

For further information about the Coös County Recycling Center, please use the contact information below.

Ben Champagne, Recycling CenterSuperintendent603-246-3315
James Lesperance, Community ProgramsCorporal603-246-7225

Photo of Recycling center buildings