Visitation Rules

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Inmate visits with family and friends shall be governed by the receiving and supervisory visiting provisions as outlined in this procedure. A visitation list, issued upon admission, must be submitted with all information required of any expected visitors.

A request form must be submitted to change or add to visitation lists. Any person requesting to visit who is not on a visitation list will be denied entry to the facility.  Inmates are responsible for informing visitors of assigned visiting times, as well as the visiting rules.

Personnel supervising visitors and inmates will not allow more than two (2) visitors per inmate at any one time during the visiting session. Exceptions to this may be at the Supervisor's discretion.

Persons under the age of eighteen will not be allowed to visit with inmate(s) unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All visitors will produce one of the following:  a current photo identification card, social security card, or birth certificate. The Supervisor may at his/her discretion grant special privileges to visitors who have traveled long distances or have special circumstances.

The only items allowed to be brought in at visitation are money orders or cashier's checks for an inmate’s account. All other items must be previously approved by a Supervisor. Any money orders or cashier's checks for inmate accounts must be turned in prior to the visit upon signing in. Cash will not be accepted for deposit into inmate accounts.

The Department of Corrections may deny any and all visits if, in the judgment of the staff, the visit would endanger the safety and security of this facility. No individual will be allowed to visit if, in the judgment of the staff, the visitor is under the influence of any drug, alcohol or is not properly dressed.

Visitors or inmates, who violate any rules of this institution, or laws of the State of New Hampshire, may not be allowed to visit in the future. All visiting must take place in an orderly fashion. If a visitor is removed from the facility due to misconduct, the visitor will not be allowed to visit for a time to be determined by the Superintendent.

All visiting will be NO CONTACT and will be conducted in the secure visiting room. All visitors will remain seated at the assigned visiting station. If an inmate requests to leave the visiting area for any reason, the visiting session will be terminated.

Visitors are responsible for the control of their children. It is essential that children be carefully supervised by the visitor.  Infants and small children must remain in the visitors lap or chair and not interfere or interrupt other visitation taking place.

Individuals who have been incarcerated in the Coös County Department of Corrections will be restricted from the county complex property, as well as from visiting anyone in the facility, for one year following their date of release.

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