Are inmate phone calls private?

Calls to an inmate's attorney are private but any other call should be considered monitored and recorded.

Can I call and speak with an inmate?

No, inmates cannot receive calls or messages from the public.  As long as there are no restrictions on an inmate, they can call out.

How can I make sure an inmate has money to make calls?

Anyone from the outside can put money on an inmate's account for the use of the phone and or commissary.  This can be done through a contracted service via the internet, phone, or in person at the facility.  For more information telephone call funding options, click here.

What if I don't want to speak with an inmate who calls me?

Do not accept the collect calls from the inmate when the option is given upon answering.  If calls persist, contact the facility and your number can be blocked upon request.  If you receive any kind of harassing calls you should call the facility and let us know immediately.

When can an inmate call me?

Phones are available in the housing units and can be used to call out as long as an inmate has money available in his phone account, or calls collect. Inmates are not allowed to make calls if they are on restriction. Calls can be made from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM in most units. Inmates can always call their attorneys regardless of whether or not they have money in their inmate account. Telephone use is not a right, and privileges CAN be revoked.

Click here for more information on funding inmate telephone calls through our inmate phone service provider, Securus Technologies.