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Coös County is the northern most and the largest county in the State of New Hampshire. Coös County is a spin-off from Grafton County by an act approved by the Legislature in 1803 that took effect March 5, 1805. The population was 3,000.

Today, Coös County is over 200 years old and many of its people still have the sense of purpose and strength of character of the early explorers to this pathless wilderness area that was home to Abenaki tribes, trees and wild animals. The people who built our North Country society were hardy and courageous. Coös is an Indian word for “dwellers in the pine tree place”.

Coös County makes up about 20% of the land area in New Hampshire, a total of 1,800 square miles. Our population in 2010 was only 33,019 or 2.5% of the State’s population. We are bordered by Canada to the north, Vermont to the west and Maine to the east. The county seat is Lancaster.

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County Administration

Jennifer Fish

County Administrator

(603) 237-1920

Administrative Assistant

(603) 237-1905

Director of Finance

(603) 237-1915