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Notice is hereby given in accordance with RSA 676:4 that the Coös County Planning Board will meet at 6:00 PM on July 5, 2016 at the Tillotson Center, Colebrook, N.H. to review the following four subdivision applications submitted by Dixville Capital, LLC:


1.  Two lot minor subdivision of Map 1626 Lot 3.1, south of NH Rte 26, Dixville, owned by Tillotson Corporation.

2.  Two lot minor subdivision of Map 1626 Lot 1, NH Rte 26, Dixville, owned by Bayroot, LLC.

3.  Lot line adjustment, NH Rte 26, Dixville, Map 1626 Lot 2, owned by State of New Hampshire, and Map 1626 Lot 1, owned by Bayroot, LLC.

4.  Lot line adjustment, north of NH Rte. 26, Dixville, Map 1626 Lot 6.6, owned by Tillotson Corporation, and Map 1626 Lot 9, owned by Bayroot, LLC.


For each of the four applications, if the Board determines that the submission meets the requirements of the Coös County Subdivision Regulations and additional requirements for PUD subdivisions contained in the Coös County Zoning Ordinance, the Board will vote to accept the application as complete and a public hearing will immediately follow. For any application not accepted as complete, an additional submission meeting will be scheduled. The plans can be viewed at the Coös County office in West Stewartstown during normal business hours and online at or click links above.


Anyone needing assistance to attend this meeting should contact the Commissioners’ Office one week prior to the scheduled date.  The public is urged to attend.


                                                                        Jennifer Fish – Clerk

                                                                        Coös County Planning Board