Department of Corrections

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​The mission of Coös County Department of Corrections is to provide for community safety, facility security and the welfare of staff and inmates.  Service to the public and the Criminal Justice System will be of the highest quality.

Staff members understand that inmates are subject to deprivations resulting merely from confinement and that their role is not to inflict punishment, but to make an inmate's period of confinement as productive as possible.

The effective and efficient operation of the facility is dependent on highly motivated, well trained staff members, who continually strive to improve both their individual job performances and their areas of responsibility.  To encourage professional growth, staff members are provided with the vision, leadership tools, and resources to fulfill this mission.


Coös County Department of Corrections operates a 61 bed corrections facility. The Department serves and protects the community by providing for the care, custody and control of pre-trial and sentenced male inmates.  Incarceration will be safe, secure and humane for staff and inmates.  This is accomplished by meeting Constitutional mandates and national, state and locally recognized laws, standards and requirements.  The Department provides staff with standard operating procedures and inmate rules and regulations which define individual responsibilities for which all are held accountable.  The Department is committed to a cost-effective and efficient operation.

Coös County Department of Corrections may detain court ordered individuals from Coös County and other New Hampshire counties. The Department may house inmates from the New Hampshire State Prison, federal agencies and may detain individuals wanted by other states.  Whether an individual is serving a sentence imposed by the Court or locked up in pre-trial detention, he is required to comply with all of the rules designed to maintain security, a standard of cleanliness, and discipline within the facility. Inmates are treated with fairness and respect; and in turn are expected to do the same.

County level incarceration often represents the offender's initial contact with the criminal justice system.  Effective intervention at the county level may, to a significant degree, prevent a person's continued involvement in crime.  In addition to providing basic jail services, an environment has been created which is safe and conducive to rehabilitation for those inmates desiring positive change.  Full-time medical staff is available and inmates have access to Psychological, Educational, Substance Abuse and Religious services while incarcerated.  It is the County's philosophy not to punish beyond a safe confinement and a program treatment approach is the best way to foster good relations with staff and inmates alike.

By statute, sentenced inmates are required to work if they are medically able. This enables inmates the opportunity to retain, develop and continue good work, conduct and self-respect habits. Inmates may be assigned to work at the Coös County Recycling Center, grounds keeping crews, and other areas such as food service, cleaning and painting.  Sentenced inmates, who have been recommended by the Court, may also become eligible for the Department's alternative sentencing programs, such as Work Release and Electronic Monitoring. 

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