Inmate Programs

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The admission process that an inmate completes allows staff to better assess his needs and classify him.  The facility has programs to assist inmates.  Most are voluntary unless required by court order.  Each inmate, upon being sentenced to the Coös County Department of Corrections, is required to work up to 7 days per week, and will be assigned duties unless excused by the physician.  The facility encourages an inmate to use all programs that may fit his needs.  Without inmate cooperation, no program will be a success.

Facility personnel will explain the programs available to all inmates.  Individual and Group Program eligibility and attendance may be restricted for reasons such as classification, housing/security, behavior and disciplinary issues.  Inmates are required to conduct themselves appropriately and not be disruptive during any programs.  An inmate’s behavior will be evaluated and monitored before attendance at any program is allowed.  The following is a list of programs an inmate may wish to consider.


Coös County Department of Corrections has implemented a category system that will help staff assess an inmate’s work habits.  The system is one of the tools used to assign inmates to work details.  Inmates are evaluated monthly by each staff member and supervisors on their work habits.  The result of this evaluation will be given to the inmate.  Any infraction of the rules, laziness, or unwillingness to work will be brought to the attention of the Supervisor or Superintendent.  Anyone refusing to work is subject to disciplinary action.

Every House of Corrections inmate who satisfactorily performs work as stated in the Work Program System will receive $2.00 for each day worked deposited in his inmate account.  Inmates are expected to work when assigned unless excused medically.

To ensure the safety of individuals assigned to work details, safety equipment that is provided will be used at all times.  Initial safety violations will result in three days of loss of earned time.  A second violation will result in five days loss of earned time.  Subsequent violations will be referred to the Disciplinary Board.

All category assignments are made by the Superintendent or his designee.

Category 1

Inside Work Details

Category 2

Nursing Home Details

Category 3

Outside Work Details

   Category 4          


Night work/cleaning Kitchen Detail Recycling Center Work Release
Kitchen Detail Custodial Details Grounds Maintenance Electronic Monitoring

If any inmate is removed from a work detail or receives a major disciplinary action in regards to his work detail, he will be removed from that detail which may change his status back to Category #1.


Special Education, Life Skills, Remedial Education, and High School Equivalency Testing (HiSET) preparation, administration and certification are available under the direction of educators and examiners for inmates who are eligible or are court ordered to attend.


Inmates may choose to have a member of the clergy visit them with prior approval from the Shift Supervisor.  Inmates may exercise their religious preferences as long as they do not interfere with institutional security or operations.  Group Bible Study will be available to certain housing units when offered.


Inmates are provided psychological help through the Northern Mental Health Services, including alcohol and drug counseling.  All inmates will receive mental health assessments and the Mental Health Clinicians may set up a mental health treatment plan to help in conjunction with medical treatment.  These services are designed to contribute to behavior changes, with the ultimate goal of a reduction in risk factors linked to criminal activity with an emphasis on successful reintegration into the community.  Inmates who have been ordered by the court to attend psychological sessions, or have recommendations by the court or the Mental Health Clinicians will be scheduled accordingly.  Noncompliance will result in court notification and may affect classification, work assignments, and eligibility for early release.


Alcoholics Anonymous meetings may be held each week for inmates, to attend or who are court ordered to attend.


The Department of Corrections Library offers a supply of reading materials and access to law related materials and research software  The library will be accessible to all inmates in accordance with the individual housing unit schedules.  Each inmate will be allowed to have no more than three (3) books or magazines in his possession.  All books borrowed will be returned in the same condition.  Law related books, dictionaries, reference and hard cover books will remain in the library.  Requests for additional time in the library may be submitted to the appropriate Shift Supervisor for law/case research, and may be permitted at the Supervisor's discretion.


Indoor recreation is provided along with outside recreation when weather and staffing permits.  Televisions are available as well as cards and games in the dayrooms.  Majority rules when deciding what television events are watched.  All games must be approved by staff and donated to the facility.  All games will be played in dayrooms only.


A limited amount of exercise equipment is available in the Fitness Room and will be accessible in accordance with the individual housing unit schedules.  When attending the Fitness Room, inmates must be exercising or they will be sent back to their housing area and face disciplinary action for violating a posted rule.


Electronic Monitoring and Work Release programs may be obtained through the sentencing Court and Superintendent of Corrections, provided the inmate’s offense, criminal history, supervision plan, behavior and other habits are acceptable. Participation in any Coös County Department of Corrections release program is subject to approval of the Superintendent.