Inmate Mail

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Inmates may receive mail delivered through the U.S. Postal Service only.  All mail, other than attorney-client, court, and correspondence from clergy, is opened and thoroughly inspected prior to being delivered to the inmate. Inmates receive delivered mail Monday - Friday.  Cash will not be accepted in the mail.  See "Inmate Phones and Accounts" for information on acceptable funds.

How to address mail to inmates here:

Name of Inmate
P.O. Box 10
W. Stewartstown, NH 03597

Listed below are reasons for mail items to be refused, disposed of or returned to sender.  The Department may refuse anything not on the list that may pose a safety or security threat.  Any mail that does not fall within the guidelines will be returned to sender.  PACKAGES AND CASH ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE SENT TO THE FACILITY. 

No inmate name on envelope
Incomplete or no return address
Padded envelopes
Stickers, stamps of any kind (including postage and labels)
Tape, staples or paper clips
Blank envelopes, blank paper, cards, or decorative stamps
Homemade envelopes or cards
Musical or recordable cards
Marker, crayon, paint, watercolor, glitter, lipstick, wax, etc. on any part of the envelope or letter
Correction tape/fluid
Excessive perfume or other scents
Items having suspicious stains or markings
Magazine, book, or newspaper pages or clippings
Photos larger than 4" X 6", or more than 5 per letter
Instant camera photos (i.e. Polaroids)
Pictures or drawings of nude, partially nude, obscene, sexually explicit or offensive material
Personal, private entity, second party checks
Any non-paper items
Anything gang or violence related (photos, colors, writing symbols, hand gestures, etc.)
Plastics or anything laminated, 2-ply, or made of cardboard
Magazines, books, newspapers NOT from the publisher or unapproved
Mail order catalogs
Foreign unidentified substances
Correspondence in code
Mail that violates a no-contact order, or other court order
Mail from released or transferred inmates
Unapproved mail from other penal institutions