1. Residents are admitted only upon written order of the attending physician.
  2. Prior to, or at the time of admission, residents admitted from the community must provide the following medical data to assure that immediate care of the resident can be maintained:
    1. Current medical findings;
    2. Admitting diagnosis;
    3. Physician’s orders for immediate care; and
    4. Other information that may be necessary or appropriate.
  3. A physical examination must be made within 48 hours of the resident’s admission unless such examination was completed not more than five days prior to the resident’s admission or if hospitalized within the previous 30 days for more than a 24 hour period a discharge summary is acceptable.
  4. Should the resident be admitted from a hospital or other related facility, the following data must be furnished to the nursing home prior to, or upon the resident’s admission:
    1. Physical examination (current within 30 days);
    2. Admitting diagnosis;
    3. Chest x-ray or test for tuberculosis, date of last immunization, flu vaccine, and Pneumovac;
    4. Physician’s orders for immediate care;
    5. Rehabilitation potential;
    6. Current medical findings, allergies, and current medications;
    7. Transfer form; and
    8. Other facts that may be appropriate or necessary.
  5. The nursing home must be notified of any communicable or contagious disease prior to admission for appropriate placement.


The following categories of residents may not be admitted:

  1. Acutely ill residents.
  2. Residents suffering from mental illness or mental retardation conditions as a primary diagnosis unless it is determined that the proper care can be provided by our staff.
  3. No person with major surgery less than six days post-operatively or minor surgery less than 24 hour post-operatively unless admitted by the physician responsible for the post-operative care.
  4. No person under the age of 14 years of age.
  5. Persons requiring constant monitoring of vital signs.
  6. Persons dependent on life support devices.
  7. Persons requiring IV fluids.

Any exception to this policy must have written approval of the Administrator and Medical Director.


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